Write value

If at the input "GetValu" a HIGH signal is present, the function block writes the value to the specified offset. If an error occurs during the reading process, "Error" is displayed at the output. The value, which is connected to the input and which corresponds to the predetermined data type code, is the value of the variable.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
DTypeC I UCHAR Data type code
IOffset I WORD Output Offset
BitVal I BIT Bit value
ByteVal I UCHAR Byte value
WVal I WORD Word value
LVal I LONG Long value
LLVal I LONGLONG Long Int value
FVal I FLOAT Float value
DVal I DOUBLE Double value
SetValu O BIT Activate writing


This function block is intended to be used as list element, f.e. with the function blocks "list of module variables" or "List of System Variables".