Generic function call

If a HIGH signal is present at the input "CallFc" and no other block of this type is active, the function block calls the function, which is defined at the input "StrFcnt". With each following block calling, it is being checked, if the function call has been processed or has reached its timeout. If errors occur during processing, they are shown at the corresponding outputs.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
StrFcnt I STRING Name of function
Timeout I LONG Timeout
IStr I STRING Input String vector
IInt64 I LONGLONG Input INT64 vector
IDouble I DOUBLE Input Double vector
CallFc I BIT Activate call


O WORD Error code function block


O WORD Return code of function


O WORD State
OStr O STRING Output String vector
OInt64 O LONGLONG Output INT64 vector
ODouble O DOUBLE Output Double vector


The maximum number of detectable return values must be set using the function block.


System – defined functions can be accessed with this function module. If several blocks are used, only one block receives the execution token. Only when this block is finished or its timeout has expired, the next block of this type receives the token. All other blocks are processed in the normal time-defined context.

The block holds the "READY" state until it is reactivated. This status is also set if an error occurred during processing.