Interface to all managed user applications

Information about the running applications are centrally managed to provide the information of a selected application (in the standard case, the initial application Q.App).

This function block allows to get information for all managed applications. All information are provided as vectors. Because the acquisition of information takes some time this will only be done if the input GetInfo is high.

To switch to another screen, the function block “Select active screen” has to be used.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
ApName O TEXT Name of application
ApInfo O TEXT Info about application
ApType O TEXT Type of application
ApAdd1 O TEXT Additional info
ApAdd2 O TEXT Additional info
ApAdd3 O TEXT Additional info
ApAct O BIT Activity flag
Screen O WORD Number of Framebuffers
bError O BIT Error flag
GetInfo I BIT Activate getting information


The error flag indicates, if an error has occurred during the reading process.