Interface to initial application

Information about the running applications are centrally managed to provide the information of a selected application (in the standard case, the initial application Q.App).

This function block allows to enter information in this administration. The name, info and activity flag are evaluated in the basic version of the initial application (as the default real-time application information is not included in the display).

If the HMIAct input is high, the initial application is informed, that an HMI screen within the user application is available. In this case the user application has to provide a display control element to switch back to the initial application (have a look at “Select active screen”).


Name I/O Type(s) Function
ApName I TEXT Name of application
ApInfo I TEXT Info over application
ApAdd1 I TEXT Additional info
ApAdd2 I TEXT Additional info
ApAdd3 I TEXT Additional info
ApAct I BIT Activity flag
bError O BIT Error flag
Switch I BIT Switch to initial application


The error flag indicates whether the entry of the information was successful or not.

For example, an individualized initial application can use the additional information to display selected values.