Vector - Get

This function block reads a number of elements of the vector VX beginning at position Ind.

The number of elements to read can be defined. These elements are provided as a new vector VY.


The parameter dialog can be used to select the data type and to assign the number of elements for the new vector (minimum 1, maximum 9999).


Name I/O Type(s) Function
VX I Data type independent Input vector
Ind I WORD Index of starting point
VY O Data type independent Output vector


The number of elements is shown in the down right corner of the symbol.


The first element of the vector has the index of 0.

A negative index is allowed. In this case the first elements of the output vector are set to 0, until the first element of the input vector is reached.

In the case of trying to get elements beyond the last index of the input vector, these elements are set to 0 at the output vector.

If no connection exists at the output another data type can be assigned by creating a new connection on input VX.

If the data type is changed by the parameter dialog all invalid connections will be deleted.