Break - Manually

Edit mode

Run mode

Online mode

This function block allows the manual interruption of the regular working sequence.

The function block offers three push buttons. With these buttons the user is able to decide, if the running program is stopped at this point or not.

The three push buttons allow the following functionality

-     Stop: The program interrupts and stops at this pint until another action is used.

-     Run: The program does not interrupt and a stopped program will be continued, until another action is used.

-     Step: The program is currently stopped. The program continues for one cycle. The next time the program reaches this function block, it will be stopped again.

This function block disrupts the program cycle completely. The program can only be continued in the next cycle if the stopping is lifted.

The state of the function block can already be selected in run mode.


A walking manikin indicates the normal program run and a stopping manikin shows an interruption.

During online mode the green color indicates the normal program run. A red manikin indicates that the program is currently stopped at this function block and a yellow one shows that an interruption is selected, but the function block is currently not reachable (e.g. another function block already interrupts the program).

The currently usable push buttons are highlighted.