This function block is used for curve linearization.

By using the designated sample nodes an output value Y will be calculated for any applied input Value X. The reference points are given with the two connected vectors NodeX and NodeY. Elements in these vectors with the same index define the pairs of values for the reference nodes.

The two vectors must contain the same amount of elements. All values in the vector NodeX have to be strictly increasing. The first non-rising value will be taken as the end of the characteristic curve. Any more pairs of value will be ignored.

If the value X is outside the X-axis of the reference points, the calculation will be done by a virtual increase of the outer left or right part of the characteristic curve beyond the first or last significant point.

There are at least two reference nodes needed to be able to make a useful calculation.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
NodeX I FLOAT X-vector for reference points
NodeY I FLOAT Y-vector for reference points
X I FLOAT Input signal
Y O FLOAT Output signal


If the connected vectors do not have the same length, the symbol will be depicted red in run mode.


This function block may be used for the correction of lines for non linear sensors or the realization of non linear controllers.