Advanced interface to a selected managed application

Information about the running applications are centrally managed to provide the information of a selected application (in the standard case, the initial application Q.App).

This function block allows to get advanced information for a specified user application.

Please be careful when using the Switch input (have a look at “Select active screen”).


Name I/O Type(s) Function
ApName O TEXT Name of application
ApInfo O TEXT Info about application
ApType O TEXT Type of application
ApAdd1 O TEXT Additional info
ApAdd2 O TEXT Additional info
ApAdd3 O TEXT Additional info
ApAct O BIT Activity flag
Screen O WORD Number of Framebuffers
LifeCnt O LONG Live counter
CoreMod O UCHAR Mode of core
bError O BIT Error flag
ApIdx I WORD Index of managed applications
Switch I BIT Switch to initial application


The error flag is set if errors have occurred during the reading process in the central administration.

The life counter increases after each successfully ran task.

The core modes can be:

  • 1 – mode online
  • 2 – mode offline
  • 3 – mode step
  • 4 – mode stop
  • 5 – mode reset
  • 6 – mode load

An example of using this function block is the standard initial application ( Here the information of the second user application are displayed.