Interface to a selected managed application

Information about the running applications are centrally managed to provide the information of a selected application (in the standard case, the initial application Q.App).

This function block allows to get information for a specified user application.

Please be careful by using the Switch input (have a look at “Select active screen”).


Name I/O Type(s) Function
ApName O TEXT Name of application
ApInfo O TEXT Info over application
ApType O TEXT Type of application
ApAdd1 O TEXT Additional info
ApAdd2 O TEXT Additional info
ApAdd3 O TEXT Additional info
ApAct O BIT Activity flag
Screen O WORD Number of Framebuffer
bError O BIT Error flag
ApIdx I WORD Index of managed applications
Switch I BIT Switch to initial application


The error flag is set, if a problem has occurred while the information in the central management was read.

An example of using this function block is the standard initial application ( Information of the second user application are displayed here.