System information

If at the input "GetValu" a HIGH signal is present, the function block reads the system description information. If an error occurs during the reading process, "Error" is displayed at the output.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
GetValu I BIT Activate reading


O WORD Access error
Name1 O STRING System name part 1
Name2 O STRING System name part 2
DType O STRING Device name
DTypeC O STRING Device type code
MMType O WORD Main module type
SMType O WORD Sub module type
FMType O WORD Function type
CMType O WORD Housing type
SerialNo O STRING Serial number
Firmware O STRING Firmware version
IsBigEnd O BIT Byte - alignment
MeaRate O DOUBLE Measurement rate
IPRate O DOUBLE Internal processing rate
DBCount O WORD Number of data buffer
LogCount O WORD Number of loggers
VarCount O WORD Number of variables
ModCount O WORD Number of modules


"Name1" and "Name2" form a state string together. A STRING value represents a maximum of 17 characters. For this reason, longer strings will be split at a maximum of 2 STRING values. Any additional strings will be truncated.