Display 7 Segment

This function block shows numeric values of the standard data types as a 7 segment display.

The display of the numeric values is carried out as precise as possible. If the given digit number does not suffice for the indication of an integer value, the higher order digits are cut off. The digits are also cut off at floating point values. An exponential representation is not available for 7 segment displays.


The parameter dialog can be used to change several preferences.

The data type and the size of the function block can be defined. The colors of the segment display (segment parts on and off, background, and frame) can be selected. The accuracy of the display can be defined by setting the number of digits. Finally the general display mode can be determined.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
In I BIT, BYTE, FLOAT, LONG, WORD Display value


By attaching a signal to the input, the function block will adapt itself by changing the data type and selecting typical preferences.

This function block has no corresponding target code. During online observation the values are read and represented cyclically.