This function block provides a palette index or a BGR value (blue-green-red) depending on the color depth set in the mask designer.

At 8-bit color depth, the standard palette index associated with the selected color is output at lColor. The value range is then between 0 and 255.

BGR values are provided at 24-bit color depth. Since 256 values are possible for each of the three partial colors, the value range is between 0 and 16777215.


The color is selected in the parameter dialog. While all selectable colors can be accessed at 24-bit color depth, the palette is limited to 256 colors at 8-bit color depth. Therefore, the block is assigned the palette color closest to the selected color when the dialog is closed.

The check box is used to switch between global and instanceable parameters.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
lColor I LONG Color


The selected color is displayed in the function block. A yellowish background indicates a global parameter. The background is white at an instanceable parameter.