The function block executes a delay of the 1-0 edge by a time given by Tv in seconds.

The output Q will stay on 1 for Tv seconds after the 1-0 change of P. For the value at the input Tv, multiples of the cycle times of the program blocks can be executed. The delay time Tv will be transmitted as float value in seconds. Delays of <1s can also be implied.

A free-running counter with 1ms cycle time will be used as reference value. Any impulse shorter than the delay time will be ignored.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
P I BIT Input signal
Tv I FLOAT Delay time value in [s]
Q O BIT Output signal


If the output Q is logical 1, the function block will be highlighted. (Only during online monitoring mode).


If P stays at logic 0 for a time less than Tv, the output state will not change and the delay will be applied to the last edge (see I1 and I2 in the figure).