New test.con version 7 available

by Andreas Wandenälis (comments: 0)

New test.con version 7 available

As of now, the new test.con version 7 is available for download. Many new features have been implemented in this release to make test.con even more user-friendly.

The new features at a glance:

Function to replace structure blocks

When using multiple structure blocks in a project, it has been very difficult to replace manually each individual block with a new one. The new function to replace blocks offers the possibility to select a structure block and to replace it in multiple instances automatically.

You can select “Replace” simply by clicking with the right mouse button to open the context menu. Then a dialog opens and the structure blocks that are available as substitutes become selectable in a drop-down list. Additionally, you can determine with a checkbox if suitable instance parameters should be adopted or not.

Possibility to enter names and information about structure blocks

As there is only a limited string of characters permitted for the assignment of block names with no spaces , and in block capitals, the additional field “Info” has been added to the dialog “rename”. Here, you can enter an information text of 200 characters that is shown in the structure block itself and in the project tree after the block name.

Browser for open connections and possible sequence errors

Open connections are often an evidence for a wrong functionality whereas sequence errors cause a faulty time behavior of the application even if the connections are correct. Therefore, the fast discovery of such problems is a large advantage while working on small and large projects.

The search for these issues is realized with a filter in the block browser which offers check boxes to select the type of issue (open connectors, block sequence problems, wrong parameter and other problems).

New search fields

So far, there was no way to search for programmed structure blocks. The new search function offers an additional search field below each project tree. The search field can be selected via the options menu. It is available for all trees (project, libraries and favorites).

New standard element "Rich text"

So far, the possibilities for formatting were severely limited within the application. Using the Rich text block from the standard library allows you to display multicolored, differently formatted texts.

Simple alternation of length of connection attributes

Until now, it has been difficult to determine the required field length using the parameter input. With the new feature you can change the length of a connection attribute easily by drag and drop with the mouse.

Network scanner

The network scanner offers a quick search for devices from Gantner Instruments in the local network as well as in the cloud. During the scan, a search history with possible notes, warnings and errors is displayed. The found devices are listed with their properties and can be selected by double click with the mouse. After choosing the required device, additional information is retrieved and the communication with test.con is established.

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